Special Guests

People say DNA doesn't make a family but love does. When you test your DNA, you find the truth about your family and so
many connections to others all over the world. After a difficult but long journey, Elaine found herself part of a long line people...
she found her family - her bloodline...and found out that she is indeed the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley
and sister to Lisa-Marie.

She is coming out with a book later this year to tell her story to the world. Expect to see some amazing things
about her in the days ahead. She is not only an accomplished artist but an amazing individual.

 Aaron Pacentine, Producer of the Elvis & Dorothy Show

Having doubts if she is related? Want to meet her in person?
Come to our show and find out for yourself! We can't wait to meet you and have
you meet her! She is amazing!


I, Elaine Elizabeth Presley of Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, am so delighted to be working with Aaron Pacentine,
the director of “The Elvis and Dorothy Show”. I believe that he as director and myself as co-host make a dynamic
stage match. Then, the most amazing performance occurs when the talented actor, Sage, our Elvis actor
 ( personally mentored by me of the Presley family ), enters. This creates a truly magical experience.


Our show is so exciting with a powerhouse cast, and it would make any show sponsor proud. So, come on down
 to be part of this historic event! And, for an added guest bonus, we have a few memorable surprises just for you!


 See you at the show!




Elaine Elizabeth Presley